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If you have listened to our show, you know that we are both are into a more natural + simple, each in our own way.  We love integrating things like essential oils into everyday routines and practices.  We believe they are great tools to help you simplify, be well, and be free.   In addition to our amazing podcast community of budding minimalists, adventurers, and on-purpose life livers, we are part of a wonderful, supportive group of like-minded peeps who love these tools as much as we do.  Here you'll find support, inspiration, ideas, recipes, financial opportunity, and a creative outlet.  



Our wellness community thrives on simplicity and finding everyday ways to live a more free and abundant life.  We are a sponsor of The Practical Minimalist Podcast.  There you can get to know us, our story and our mission.  Our online community offers access to our community of like minded individuals as well as inspiration, tips and a sense of community.  Come on in.

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Already ready to get started?  We'd love to have you be a part of our online wellness community.  Once you join, you'll receive a welcome email and access to our member's only portion of the website as well as our member's only Facebook Group.  To sign up, simply click the link below and select your starter kit. You're starter kit will include everything you need to get started with essential oils plus a wholesale membership (kind of like a Costco or Amazon Prime membership) so you can also have access to lots of other clean and environmentally friendly products like shampoos, soaps, supplements, cleaning solutions and more.  You can find out more about our mission and community here, or you can sign up below. 

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